Royal Navy Ratings Compass Challenge

Royal Navy Ratings Compass Challenge offers your students four gripping workshops at a Royal Navy base during the Autumn Term 2016 and the Spring Term 2017. The Challenge concludes with a fifth and final unique immersive experience of real Royal Navy life with an overnight stay on HMS Bristol in Portsmouth!

In teams of 5, students will engage in the ‘The Compass Challenge’, where a real life crisis will be simulated for each of four compass points. For example, The South Challenge – Supporting the fight against Ebola in war-torn Angola. Students will use their teamwork and problem solving skills to decide who within the team will take on a responsibility that the Royal Navy would have in such a situation, which Ratings should be deployed for each challenge and how to plan to disseminate each crisis. In addition, they will be faced with alerts throughout each task for them to overcome. To give students a true experience of life in the Royal Navy and the opportunities it holds, they will have the opportunity to stay overnight on HMS Bristol in Portsmouth where they will take part in a range of real life activities that will take place on board.

Each workshop includes an inspirational talk from a Royal Navy Officer, activities delivered by an experienced facilitator from the Transformation Trust and ‘Ratings Mentors’ from Royal Navy as floating facilitators.

Furthermore this programme is fully funded and has a capacity of 10 spaces for each school selected to take part. This programme specifically aims to target female and BME students, Years 10 and 11, who are at risk of becoming NEETs.  The programme offers strong elements of numeracy, literacy and CEIAG.

5 sessions
30 hours
United Kingdom

Royal Navy Base (London)

Royal Navy Base (Portsmouth)

Education / Training