Junior University

What is Junior University?

Junior University is a programme for Year 10 students that involves pairs of undergraduates from a local university coming in to your school to run six hours’ worth of a university-style project with your students. The programme culminates with the students visiting the university for a Celebration Day.

50 schools will be taking part nationally.


What are the aims of Junior University?

While university is not for everyone, Junior University will give students a real flavour of what university life is really like by working side by side with undergraduate mentors.

Alongside the free, independent information from Which? University, we hope Junior University will provide Year 10s with the support, confidence, and information they need, and enable them to make the right decision for them.

Our overall aim is to raise students’ aspirations, with the view to opening up their horizons and demonstrating the opportunities that university brings.

Programme will run over the academic year.
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